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31st October 2013

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Gentlemen, get out your measuring tapes Let it out: You’ve presumably measured your penis in recent times more than once. So how does your penis size contrast with that of everybody else’s?

A new study called “Am I Normal?” has been published in the British Journal of Urology. The study has found the average size of a man’s penis.

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We did our research on rumored celebrity penis sizes, and here’s what we found.

His man may have crooned about all the teens he loved before, but Enrique Iglesias has a more modest approach. During an interview on Australian TV years ago, the 41-year-old singer delivered a humble brag for the ages when he claimed, “I have the smallest penis …

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At some point, a penis stops being something I’d be cool with having inside me and starts looking more like a fleshy, painful javelin. And it turns out that I’m not the only one who might feel less enthused by a little too much endowment. In fact, what was actually most attractive to women was a guy

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Sex columnist Anka Radakovich says don’t get fixated on whether or not you measure up. The key to sexual satisfaction is physical compatibility. polled 1,100 people to find out if penis size matters to them.

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International study of 15,000 penises shows that there is no connection between shoe size and penis size, either

What is the ideal penis size? Study reveals what women want in the bedroom – and you might be pleasantly surprised. Scientific research into women’s penis size preferences has revealed the answer to one of life’s biggest questions

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Do Penis Extenders (Stretchers) Really Work? Top 4 Extender Stretchers to Increase Size

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