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9th September 2016

Find the statistics you need to know about what ‘s do online, what they hide from parents, send nude photos, are bullied and send inappropriate text messages.

May 17, 2018 · Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe). The last in a line of browsers, Internet Explorer 11 is also the precursor of Microsoft Edge, the new Microsoft Web navigation tool for both Windows Phone and Windows 10.

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Mobile Fact Sheet. Americans today are increasingly connected to the world of digital information while “on the go” via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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Great article! Is social media changing or re-wiring our teens’ brains in the Digital Age? Social media has become an integral part of a teenager’s life.

Learn the symptoms of Internet addiction, the treatments for it, and what parents can do to keep their teens’ Internet access from spiraling out of control.

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Smartphones are fueling a shift in the communication landscape for teens. Nearly three-quarters of teens now use smartphones and 92% of teens report going

Numerous projects work to flood social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts Israel dislikes. The projects utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and others, and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube.

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Internet World Stats, Population and Internet Users in all countries and usage in all regions of the world. The Internet Big Picture.

We publish the Internet Trends report on an annual basis, but on occasion will highlight new insights. We will post any updates, revisions, or clarifications here.

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