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21st April 2014

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Bananas are the most popular fruit in the U.S., with more consumed annually than apples and oranges combined. [1] Bananas have been sold in North America since the late 1800s, although the popular variety at that time is not the one we enjoy today. [2]

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Species. Subgroup. Ploidy Level. Group. Selected cultivars and synonyms 4. T 1. Pan. Susc. 2 Recom. Use 3. M. acuminata—Diploid. AA. Nino, Lady’s Finger 5, Sucrier 5, Honey 5, Datil 5, Bocadillo 5, Pisang mas 5

Growing Tips Position. To give your bananas the best possible start in life; choose a wind-protected, full-sun position. Preparation. Prepare well in advance.

Apart from being healthy and delicious, bananas have many vitamins and nutrients that lead to better health, digestion, and weight loss.

What Makes Bananas so Good for You? For most of us, the answer to the question, “are bananas good for you?” is a resounding “Yes”! Even with all their sugar.According to the USDA, bananas have less water than other fruit: they are 75% water, compared to oranges, which are 86% water.

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This page looks at some of the issues around the banana industries, highlighting some concerns about the fragility of entire economic regions …

Learn how to grow bananas indoors as a house plant. After reading this tutorial, you’ll be eating fresh bananas in no time.

Bananas can help you lose weight, reduce bloat, fight cancer, and more. Learn the amazing benefits of adding this fruit to your diet.

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Buy over 10 Kinds of Banana Plants on this site and they are available year round. Broad, long, graceful leaves and rapid growth-commonly reaching full size in just a few weeks-make banana a favorite plant for providing a tropical look to pool and patio areas. The development of bananas following a fro

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